Further Computer Woes



If I drank alcohol these days, I would be drinking it out of this glass in copious amounts until I passed out.

The glass can be purchased from the Avenue Q shop, which you’ll have to google at this juncture.

I will let this missive that I just sent to the folks involved with Ubuntu tell my tale.

While my generally socialist nature abhors the monopoly that Microsoft has over the computing world as a whole, and I have, in fact, donated a small sum to your project. I have a concern that I feel needs to be addressed for many of the potential users of the OS.
When you have an end user such as me, who is self-taught and has never used anything but Windows based software, I don’t understand a lot of the terminology. It seemed to me like it would be safe to install Ubuntu alongside my Windows 8 OS. It was very easy to do, your software walked me through the process. This is where the trouble began.
Reading about all the tweaks and fixes that people who know much more about programming than me were doing did not help because I did not even know how to begin with most of them. I write, create web pages (using a web editor) and do a bit of photo manipulation. I am not a programmer.
I could not even find Windows 8, or bring up the file showing what was on my hard drive, although when I installed the software I was told that I would be able to choose which OS I wanted to run every time the computer booted. This was not the case. Ubuntu took over.
Eventually I found something which would allow me to choose which OS I wanted to delete. I deleted Ubuntu. Then my troubles began anew. When the computer tried to boot back up, it kept trying to boot up. Back to the technician it went. I had it there last week due to virus problems, and it cost me $225. I expect it will cost the same this time. I am far from wealthy, and this is a sum that is hard for me to afford.
My point being that you really, really, REALLY, and I cannot stress this enough, really need to warn end users that they may face big problems if they attempt to run Ubuntu alongside Windows 8. Apparently the problem lies in the fact that Windows 8 does not run using a BIOS. I don’t know anything more about it than that.
I am actually planning to order one of your laptops, and I fully support the idea of giving consumers a wider range of choices with their operating systems, and not having to be stuck with whatever Microsoft decides. Your software is actually very user-friendly in many ways, and I would like the option of using it.
Again, I implore you to warn the less tech-savvy user, such as me, about the potential dangers they face in installing Ubuntu alongside Windows 8. It may install easily enough, but then the troubles begin, and if you aren’t tech savvy, woes betide you and expect that you and your money will soon be parted.

Here’s the upshot, Friends. If you aren’t pretty tech-savvy, do not do what I did. Do not install Ubuntu alongside Windows 8.

Last year ended not so well, and this one has started out not so well. I hope this isn’t a trend.

Me and my Netbook are (I hope) going into sleep mode for a while. I have several alarms set so I won’t be late to work.



Windows 8 is a Nightmare




For possibly very stupid reasons, and the fact that I’m not a computer wizard, I surmised that I needed to upgrade my O.S. because of the problems I was having building my webpage. So yes, now I get the page designer up with no problem, but I’ve had a myriad of other hellish issues.

First of all, many of my programs disappeared. I had to reinstall Office (a trial version, because Windows 8 won’t run my older version) my Adobe CS6, and my Norton.

I also ended up with a a bunch of malware.

I’m still trying to get rid of this monstrosity called Jolly Wallet.

Anybody who creates these malware programs should be strung up by their tenderest of parts and left hung out for a pack of starving wolves and bears to consume. And that’s being nice.

I don’t feel like creating web pages or finding products or writing creatively any more. I feel like curling up in a fetal position.

You may be more computer savvy than I am, so you may not have the troubles I did. But for the rest of us, do yourself a favor and think really, really hard before installing Windows 8. It makes Vista look like the best OS ever!