Dr. Drum Beat Maker


I have added the Dr. Drum Beat maker to my list of products to be found in Cie’s Everything Shop. The following is a brief informational article describing the product and its features, which aspiring musicians will surely appreciate.

Are you considering purchasing beat making software? Perhaps you’ve got a few ideas or tunes in your head that that you’ve been just itching to try out but did you know you could be making money from your beats?

Even without any prior knowledge you can soon be selling your beats from the comfort of your own home and bringing back a sizable income.

The first thing you need to do is to purchase and download some beat making software. Due to the amazing improvements in technology you can get software capable of creating professional-standard beats for under $50.


Ten years ago only those with thousands of dollars invested in equipment could create professional-sounding beats but today it is available to you or me for the price of just a video game.

There are numerous pieces of beat-making software out for under $50 and one of the best of them is Dr Drum.
Dr Drum features an extensive library of high-quality samples in the professional 44.1 WAV format.

It also has a powerful and intuitive interface meaning you can start creating beats immediately after installation with no specialist knowledge and very little practice.


Other features include a 16 track sequencer; a drum machine featuring 12 pads per kit (and with many kits available) and 4-octave keyboards for piano, synth, strings, guitar and FX.

With a members area featuring extensive video tutorials you have everything you need to get started with your beat-making career.

One of the most underrated features of Dr Drum is that you can quickly get your beats up onto YouTube using the built-in YouTube uploader – you can even easily add videos to your tracks! You can start your beat-making career by uploading your tracks to your YouTube channel to begin promoting your beats to the world.


These first steps mean you can start putting your work on the internet for others to see within minutes of creating your first beats.

Once you’ve gained in experience a little you can start selling your beats at a beat directory such as Soundclick or Premiumbeat. Beats sell for at least $19 a download up to $80 a download for royalty-free beats.

Even if you do start at $19 a download you only need to sell just over 50 beats a month to making $1,000. And who could say no to an extra $1,000 a month income for doing something they love?


The best bit is to get started you don’t need to spend thousands, or even hundreds, Dr Beat is available to you today for under $50. What are you waiting for?