Diet Companies Say the Darndest Things


” The idea of the game is to ovoid and jump over junk food such as chocolate muffins and chips.”
Sounds like she got her inspiration from the Captain Novolin game of the 1990s. It was a game that they gave kids who had been diagnosed with diabetes. Look it up on You Tube. Silliest thing I’ve seen in a while.

Dances With Fat

Bullshit I don’t know why, but I’ve found myself spammed recently by a bunch of people asking me to write about all manner of weight loss crap on the blog.  At first I was annoyed, but now I’ve taken to e-mailing them back – asking about research, or the claims that they make.

I thought I would provide the write-ups they are requesting as an intermittent series on the blog to examine the veracity and people behind the claims in this type of marketing.  Here is the first installment, I’ve put the e-mails in order, redacted or changed information in an effort to avoid giving promotion to crappy products, and put the emails from the weight loss company  in italics so you can skip them if you’re worried about being triggered (though to be fair you’ll also miss some things that would be hilarious if they weren’t so tragic):

I’m Natalie…

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Fat People and Tax Dollars


“As long as my insurance and tax dollars continue to pay for there [sic] diabetes, and heart disease, I’ll continue to feel justified in telling every overweight person I see that they need to lose weight. Shame is powerful and there [sic] fat is costing me real money”
Shame is powerful–okay! Then my being the Proper English Police should shame every nimrod who writes like this into using the proper word (THEIR) in sentences!
I only pull the “spelling police” card with people I consider to be irredeemable idiots. I do not pull it with everyday people who might happen to not have the best skills in this area. Not everyone has the same strengths.
Yes, please, fat bashers, show us the proof that fat people “cost more.” On a personal level, I have not called in sick to work in several years. I go to the doctor once or twice a year, and I pay for it out of my own pocket. The last time I was in the emergency room turned out to be for wax pushing against my eardrum causing me to have vertigo. Excess ear wax is not a problem that only fat people endure.
My hypertension is not entirely under control at this point–hypertension being a problem that many people of all sizes pushing fifty have to deal with. It is spiking at times–this in spite of the fact that I exercise more now than I did during the past five years and eat far less meat and more vegetables. I’m doing lots of things right, but because I’m fat, it’s obviously all my fault, although there are many fat people who aren’t dealing with hypertension.
Our bodies aren’t all the same. One cannot put all persons with the same body type into one category.
With this body type, I’m also supposed to have diabetes. I don’t. I’m also supposed to have heart disease. I don’t. I do have a mitral valve prolapse, which is not a disease, it is a structural malfunction. Mine is minor and does not require surgery. The worst complication from it is the heart palpitations, which vary depending on other factors such as the amount of rest I’ve had.
Both the hypertension and the mitral valve prolapse appear to be hereditary. My father wasn’t fat, in fact he was something of a healthist. Yet his life was devastated by a major hemorrhagic stroke at the age of 68. He ended up developing congestive heart failure and dying at the age of 74. His cardiovascular system was a mess. At the end, his body was bloated with fluids from the CHF.
My mother, who falls into the “slightly overweight” category on the BMI chart, also has hypertension and a mitral valve prolapse.
I am desperately trying to avoid the problems that my father (who again, was NOT fat) had. I do not want to die the way he did.
There are those out there who would say that all I have to do is lose weight and I will somehow, magically, live forever. Yet one of the nurses at the place where I work, who was a very tiny woman, recently died.
Doctors need to treat the patient, not their body type. As a wise EMS instructor said, “treat the patient, not the chart.”
End of rant.

Dances With Fat

“As long as my insurance and tax dollars continue to pay for there [sic] diabetes, and heart disease, I’ll continue to feel justified in telling every overweight person I see that they need to lose weight.  Shame is powerful and there [sic] fat is costing me real money”

So I read when I broke the cardinal rule of being fat on the internet and read the comments.

First of all, when someone brings this up I typically demand to see their list of things that their tax dollars pay for, broken down into things that they want to pay for and things that they don’t, and the interventions in which they are participating for each of the things they don’t want to pay for.  Nobody has ever produced such a list – I think that’s because this really doesn’t have anything to do with their tax dollars, it’s simply a…

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Eternal Death I


It may be a while before I’m able to get back to working on my domain. In the meantime, please check out my writing teammate Rose’s new book!

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I’m really not the kind to toot my own horn, but if I don’t toot it, it ain’t gonna get tooted. I can’t afford advertising or book tours or any of that jumping jive.

I don’t really have much to say about myself, but I think the book turned out well. It better have, because I edited it obsessively to the point where the publisher finally forced my hand and made me publish.

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