Pioneering E-Commerce Noob Seeking New Host



The Shop will be seeking a new home, which will likely be with Web Hosting Hub. I should have done more research before going with iPage, which has not been a good experience. Initially, I found them easy to use, but at this point, not so much.

The key elements seem to be this:

Do I have the latest versions of IE or Firefox?

Yes, both.

Do I have the latest version of Adobe Flash?


From what I can discern, their CM4 Web Designer utilizes some sort of unstable Java based tool kit, which Firefox doesn’t like and blocks.

In reading reviews of iPage, they have been mostly negative. One customer said that the techs (who are based in India) couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel.

So, at the end of the week (when I get what’s left of my paycheck after the gubmint takes its chunk) I’ll be switching hosts.

In the past, I would have taken this as a sign that I’m not meant to be an entrepreneur. At this time I’m saying I want to be, so I shall. We’ve hit a bump, but it’s early. Fix the damn wagon wheel and keep going.

Web Hosting Hub has U.S. based tech support. The fact that iPage outsources their tech support would have stopped me from signing up with them in the first place, if I’d done my research.

The problem with the bipolar brain is it tends to want to leap before it looks. Time and tide have made me more cautious overall, but sometimes I still have a tendency to get into things without checking them out fully first.



M – P Is Live


The M – P Page of products and services is now live. I have added a link to my personal proofreading service. If you’re in need of an affordable, honest proofreader, check me out!

For reasons I can’t figure out, one gets the properly updated page typing in, but if you type in, you get the old version of the page.


Web design = not Cie’s strong suit. Which is why I am not advertising my infamously bad web design services!

I’ll leave it alone for now, before my head goes kaboom!


Update: It’s working now on both and There seems to be some sort of delay. Urgh! I’m not a complete noob at this, but yet, I’m such a noob!

The Homepage is Live


So I have my homepage created, and I hope you will take a look. The CM4 Web Creator software isn’t the worst, but there are aspects which are frustrating. I still haven’t figured out how to add HTML content, or if I can.

After a point you have to step back to avoid overheating!

My next step is to find some affiliate content to get going with!