Proofreading Services



Do you have something you need proofread, but little cash to spend? Never fear, for Cie is here! I can proofread your document for you at just a dollar per page in the document on the first run, and a dollar per page corrected thereafter.

I can proficiently proofread either fiction or non-fiction, including certain college papers. However, I am not adept at properly creating APA links. I had a terrible time with it when I was taking courses such as psychology and microbiology. Since I want you to get a good grade, I would suggest someone besides me if you need help with APA.

If you have a document in need of a proofreader, email me at and tell me what type of document and the length of the document, and I will get back to you with an estimate on the time it will take me to do a first-run read.

If, after perusing your document, I feel that I would be unable to help you, I will not charge you. I will only charge for services actually rendered.

I look forward to serving your proofreading needs!



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